Adelia JohnsonThe aptly named blog “the hit and run forum” is a local business information website designed to educate the public on the advantages of using your local businesses over considering to use a “fly by night” business that comes into your suburb and offers you a great deal then collects your money and runs or they deliver you a sub-standard product or service. It’s these “fly by night” type businesses that we refer to as “hit and run” businesses and we certainly want the public to be aware of such dangers.

Adelia Johnson who is the author of this blog will set about convincing you there are more than enough excellent choices of good reliable businesses in your local area and we all should be thinking local and buying local.

Don’t be a hit and run victim of an unknown outside business that offers something that seems to be too god to be real, because it probably is too good to be real. Go local and keep your money within your community and utilise professional great businesses that are actually your neighbours and friends.

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